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italy // sunflowers and yawning dogs

August 28, 2010

In the midst of editing our queue of weddings, I often find myself taking breaks and doing a variety of things for inspiration’s sake.

I pop DVD’s in and watch favorite movie scenes, listen to music, go for a walk, or rewatch the last 10 minutes of the LOST series finale. Just recently, I’ve taken to drawing inspiration from editing little personal vignettes.

That’s right. I take a break from editing by editing.

I’ve been sitting on this one since I got back from Italy. Putting it together, however, has definitely proven to open up that channel of creativity.

Nothing can do justice to the breathtaking beauty of Italy–its people, sights, sounds, sunflowers, and yawning dogs–but I hope you somehow and in some way, end up inspired.



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  1. You capture life in such an amazing way Chris. It’s like the things you SHOULD stop and look at is what you show. Amazing job as usual bro

  2. As always, you’re love is appreciated bro!

  3. Nice! I like the theme of your yawning dogs- great shots & pans! inspiring indeed!

  4. Michael permalink

    That was very cool. I didn’t realize that Italy has so many yawing dogs. :-)

    What are you shooting with? The picture is amazingly clear.

    Thanks Chris!

    • Italy is super dog friendly. You can see people bring dogs with them to restaurants :)

      Shot this with the Canon 7D and the Canon 5D mk II with a variety of lenses. The 35 prime being my favorite.

      • Michael permalink

        Very nice. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. Joe permalink

    Great piece. Felt like a video montage intro to a feature film. Fun piece.

  6. you nasty bro.

  7. Mark Paik permalink

    Totally blew me away. The colors, the composition, and the vision was just awesome. Really puts me at peace. You are sick! lol

  8. Mark Paik permalink

    Sick as in awesome :)

    • According to Doug, I am nasty and according to you, I am sick. What are people going to think when they visit this blog?!? LOL.

      Thanks for the props bro. I shot a ton of footage for a variety of different edits and this one was definitely near and dear to me. One of my favorite cuts was from the little boy splashing water at the girl, to the cut of the couple on the motorcycle in the alleyway. A boy + girl kinda thing :D

  9. henri permalink

    brilliant brilliant !!

    poetic video, tight and economical, sort of reminds me of a sonnet :D :D

  10. Chris that video was awesome. Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest. Love that music too.

    • Thanks Kenny! And a big thank you for arranging that tour for us. Going to Italy was even better the second time around.

      Thanks for being flexible with lenses and the 5D on the trip too :)

  11. cassie permalink

    uhm…this is amazing. i love how everything is detail shots but it all comes together!! i love love LOVE it!! you really have an eye for this stuff. and i love the flare shots. also, nice music choice! :)

    • Thanks Cassie! Oli says I am “King of the Mundane”. LOL. I guess this video is right up my alley!

      You need to go to Europe. Oli’s got the travel bug!

  12. Sunz permalink

    omg this was amazing! :) i loved the yawning dogs but most of all the shots and music that went w/ it.. it seriously all fit perfectly! i LOVE it!

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