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homecoming // we are the park family 5

December 21, 2010

Our friends, JT & Grace Park, recently adopted a baby boy from Korea and asked if we would come along to capture their Family Day–the day baby Joel would arrive and officially become a member of the Park family.

Because of the paperwork, it was anyone’s guess as to when he would arrive in the states. We were literally “on call” for a week, eagerly anticipating the big day.

When we arrived at the airport, we were greeted by the Park Family–their whole family. JT & Grace’s two children donned shirts that read “older brother” and “older sister in Korean and their cousins held up homemade welcome signs.

While the grandparents prepped bottles and gifts, JT & Grace nervously and incessantly checked flight monitors to see if Joel had arrived . The look of anticipation on these expecting parents’ faces was so beautiful.

When it comes to creating our films, we are all about the story. Sometimes we can tell a story in a couple of minutes–maybe even a few seconds. Those who frequent this blog are probably in habit of liking short videos. This video, however, is decidedly longer, because we wanted to make sure we told their story in its fullness. So if you have a few minutes, please, take a seat, and enjoy.  You really won’t regret it.

Happy Holidays,


PS – If you’d like to find out more about Joel, and how he’s getting along in their family, you can follow the Park’s on their blog :]

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  1. Eddie Lee permalink

    Beautiful. Blessings to the Park Family and to the work that you guys are doing!

  2. Jenie Pyon permalink

    i’m crying like a baby. :) beautiful film~thanks.

  3. Joe Tek Yun permalink

    Wow, guys… I know I’ve said in the past that your work is amazing, but somehow this one just really got to me… Man, God bless you guys!

  4. Charles Wu permalink

    Wow…so awesome. Every angle and scene flowed with the narrative of the story and the story–incredibly moving. Way to cover this guys!

  5. Yong Mi permalink

    What a beautiful family! I am so glad you shared this with us. I have been crying since the begining of the video until the end. It is such a blessing to see. I would also like to adopt someday. I better start praying. May God plentifully bless you Park family!

    awesome video…the link to the blog is broken.

  6. ericsohn permalink

    Keep telling these stories bro! God is about stories and is going to use you guys to tell His stories in its various forms. Your gifts are obvious and it’s awesome to see you using them well for the Kingdom! Yeahhhhh boi! Merry Christmas to you and Marah! Miss you guys!

  7. Hey Chris! Great video! I’m really glad to have watched this. Hope everything’s going well, brother!

  8. thanks a lot for the repost :) thankful that someone noticed the art in our piece.

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